About us

Foodiedil- My name is Diwakar Mishra, I am a food blogger. I have been fond of searching good food eating & describing since childhood I like to find fantastic food in any place or city, no matter how much I have to wander for it, I remember when I was in school, how many kilometres I rode a cycle to find good food. I believe that if you are a fan of food, then you are also an educated cook can be made
According to me, a good cook or a good food blogger is one who knows himself well before explaining the food.  I will always try to get you a fantastic dish from the depths of the heart & that is why I am here to with my blogs www.foodiedil.com  my intentions is very to here is very clear Keep cooking & carry on.....

It will be great if you write your comments and suggestions on the recipes that I share. I will try to respond to all your suggestions and queries as soon as possible.